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We know that life doesn't fit into a neat little box. Everyone's situation is unique. We also realize that by leaving people out because they don't fit in that neat little box robs us all just a little bit. We believe in accommodating however we can so Team ONE! is as strong as it can be.

Here are four special but real stories of our current team.


Jackie has a degree in Architecture and a husband who joined the Army four years ago. Normally she would have to leave the firm and get a new job in a new city....every time she moved. Instead, Jackie has lived in Nashville, Oklahoma City and recently relocated to Minneapolis while all the time catering to our clients as an Architect in Training working towards her registration. Our clients love her, no matter where she is. And if she should get relocated overseas, she would still have a place at One Architecture.


At 64 years old Doug lost his job in California due to downsizing after a corporate buyout. After decades of dedication he found himself on the outside looking in. His elderly parents still around to take care of, Doug was faced with the prospect of not being able to find employment again. But we had a need and were able to accommodate his skills into what we do. Doug is now head of permitting for all our projects throughout the US.  He works from his home in a job that keeps him busier than he ever imagined.


Cindy lives in Houston and found herself the victim of retail downsizing. Stuck with the current environment of the retail world she quickly found it difficult to stay above water and sustain her household. We found her to have excellent organizational skills and have introduced her into the world of architecture on a career path she never envisioned. She currently organizes our site surveys throughout the United States and runs our social media and website content.


Silvia is a registered architect from Brazil. She currently lives in Portland, Oregon where her and her husband are raising their only child. Silvia would love to have her own firm but can't because her degree and registration are not recognized in the US. But to us there is no finer architect around and her experience would be wasted if she couldn't practice. Silvia has been a part of our team since 2001 and has never given us reason to regret having her around. Her mastery of building codes is second to none.

How About You?

If you find yourself in a special circumstance, in need of some flexibility, wanting to create your own schedule, we might be a fit for you. Why not submit your information below and tell us about your situation and your qualifications. We look forward to seeing if there is a match.

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