The Science of Building Everywhere

One Architecture has a history of going big when it comes to national roll out projects. Although to the outside observer it may look like we have bitten off more than we can chew, in the end good planning and proper execution lead to a successful outcome. A few of our wilder adventures appear below. If you are a regional or national client in need of multiple outlets in multiple locations, think about this:

  • We are registered architects in 47 states and the District of Columbia. Our engineers are registered everywhere.

  • We have affiliates or employees on the ground in many major US cities and can assemble a team wherever you need us to be.

  • We are familiar with specific building codes and permitting procedures in most major US cities.

  • We are diverse with the knowledge of many building and construction types and what is the right fit for each part of the country.

  • Experience shows us that it's better for a client to stick with a national architect that can move to all locations than it is to find a local architect and start over in each location.

3 Examples of our National Capabilities

CASE #1: Fresenius Medical Care

In 2010 with the hangover from the Great Recession still looming large, the government decided that in order to qualify for Medicare payments, all dialysis clinics in the US needed to have a working fire alarm system. At the time approximately half of the clinics did not have one. Fresenius put out an RFP for firms to step up and help with this dilemma. 


We had only been doing one or two clinics per year for them and the scope was to document over 70 clinics and design fire alarms within a 6 month period. The clinics were all located throughout the western US. We put together a game plan and hit the road. Although the government backed down on its initial request, we were able to accomplish what we were asked to do in the time frame given. Because of that we currently design 12 to 15 clinics for Fresenius annually.

CASE #2: T-Mobile

In September 2012 we were approached by a national firm to help them document all the T-Mobile stores in the US. They had over 2,000 to survey in a 3 month period and 3 more months to finish the drafting. We started with a request to do 20 stores, which quickly grew to 49, then 250 and finally we were given 750 locations to survey in two dozen major US cities.


We said yes without any idea how to proceed but quickly put together a game plan that involved Craigslist, flying to cities and training strangers, promising extra holiday cash and even moving the entire firm from Phoenix to Houston for a week for the final over-the-hump push just before Christmas. This effort was not lost on others who heard about our near impossible feat and it lead us to the next case.

CASE #3: Burger King/ Walmart

In January of 2014 we were asked to come to the national headquarters of Burger King in Miami, Florida to discuss a possible partnership. They would not reveal the details until we arrived but we left the meeting at day's end with a task of documenting, designing and permitting 75 new Burger King locations in Walmart stores throughout the country. Construction was to be started no later than September 1 and all stores to be open by January of 2015.


Again, we assembled a qualified team, many of whom we had located during our T-Mobile adventure and went to work. Although it required much attention to detail we were able to be successful with this client at the level of performance they were demanding. We worked with national decor and kitchen vendors as well as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers. We permitted plans through dozens of cities, health departments and fire departments and worked with multiple contractors to satisfactorily complete the task which we had been assigned.

CASE #4: Your Story

We would love the chance to add another wild story to this list. We have helped many clients fulfil their regional and national building program needs over the years. Most are much easier than the extreme stories told above, but equally important to the client that needed them. We would love to help you with your next big push.

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