It's a trendy word to throw around, so we want to be clear what we mean. Diversity for us means working with many building types in many locations and using a wide range of personalities and talents to produce a successful project. For our clients it means we can draw from all sorts of resources no matter where they are to provide the best talent for the project. And for our employees, affiliates and consultants it means they bring their own unique skills to the table but also expand the knowledge base by learning from other team members located nationally.


We work throughout the United States. In doing so our expertise has become "how to do work in other places". We believe this is advantageous to our clients that want to stick with the same architect wherever they need to be.


We concentrate on clients with a regional or national presence and so whatever their needs might me we can accommodate them. We have extensive experience in hospitality, retail, medical, restaurant, national roll outs and educational projects. Knowing about all of these projects types helps our clients, whatever their needs.


Our backbone is our people and to be "nationally local" means to have a diverse staff. Team ONE! is made up of people from all walks of life, race, creed, preference and personal needs. By accommodating the retired person who wants to keep working, the work at home parent, or others who need special considerations, we believe the loyalty gained from this diversity only makes us stronger.

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