Many a company has established itself as an exceptional architectural firm when it comes to serving clients. But over the years they all have suffered through the ups and downs of fickle economies, failed funding, massive growth spurts and other seemingly unavoidable pitfalls of the profession.

The good times come with the need to ramp up staff, often having to settle for less experienced professionals. The slow times require letting go of the best employees, sending them into the great unknown never to return to the firm or for the clients that have grown to rely on their service. 

When a project is secured a team is assembled. Through technology the team works just like traditional firms have always worked, but at a distance. A local affiliate often remains the prime contact with the client, giving the personal and local attention the project requires. When there is downtime between projects there is no need for staff layoffs and no need to lose our best professionals. 

And that creates a stability that is good for the firm, the affiliates and our collective clients.