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Nathan Bisch - Director of Operations

St. Louis, Missouri

My story has many twists and turns but I will try to make it simple.  I am a native of Scottsdale, Arizona, living there from birth to eight years old when I moved with my family to Manhattan Beach, California.  I spent six amazing years as a beach bum before moving to Deerfield, Illinois where I went to high school and froze for the next five years.  After graduating I attended the University of Kansas for one year before moving back to Arizona to work with my father, who was an Architect.  This is when I met Dustin.  He had just opened his firm and had enough work to hire someone.  So in 1994 that someone turned out to be me.  I guess you can say that I was the first employee Dustin had.  After working for Dustin for a couple years, I went back to work with my father until 1997 when I moved to St. Louis where I have been for ever since.  Now back with Dustin, I guess you can say my professional career has come full circle.

Over the years I have worked at small firms and large firms.  While at these firms I have experience working on many different project types and managing many diverse groups of people.  Here at ONE! Architecture I am the Director of Operations.  Essentially that means that I am responsible for managing the ONE! team and all projects that come through the door.  I believe that what sets us apart at ONE! is our ability to work on a variety of project types.  Unlike other firms that focus on one specific area, we are able to work on projects from healthcare to retail, from ground up to interior renovation.  Not only do we work on many project types, we have the ability do it all over the country.  Critical to the success of all of our projects is our ability to listen to our clients, take their vision and make it a reality.  We accomplish this by making certain that we work efficiently and accurately.  By doing this we are able to deliver a finished product to our clients that is accurate to the vision and meets the schedule set by the team.